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"My spouse already knows what I want."

"I don't want to be kept alive artificially."

"My life is too busy to prepare for my death."

"I know exactly how I want my final days to go but don't know what to do about it."

A large majority of Californians say they would prefer a natural death if they became severely ill, rather than the most aggressive medical intervention possible.

  • A large majority of Californians feel it is important to put their wishes in writing , but only 23% say they have done so.

  • They would prefer to die at home instead of in a hospital or nursing home.

  • They want to talk with their doctor about their wishes for care at the end of their lives.

  • Having too many other things to worry about is a top barrier to discussing end of life wishes.

Source: Californians’ Attitudes Toward End-of-Life Issues, Lake Research Partners, 2011

Based on findings by the California Health Care Foundation in 2012, for Californians, the four most important factors at the end of life were:

  • Making sure family were not burdened financially by my care

  • Being comfortable and without pain

  • Being at peace spiritually

  • Making sure family were not burdened by tough decisions about my care.

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