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Honoring Choices Napa Valley got started in early 2013 when a coalition of healthcare, social service, legal, government and civic organizations and individuals who were committed to promoting Advance Care Planning (ACP) organized to promote informed healthcare decision-making at all stages of life, and particularly the end of life.

Our Vision

All adults in Napa County will receive healthcare based on previously expressed personal and cultural values and preferences regarding aging, illness, and end-of-life care.

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This PDF may help you share in our vision to engage and encourage more Napa Valley communities to get the conversation going now.  

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Our Values:

HCNV coalition members work together to ensure that end-of-life care in Napa County reflects the preferences of each individual in the community. Coalition members collaborate in this effort without concern for competitive advantage or financial gain.

Our Goal: 

1. Regular conversations among families and friends in Napa County about options in healthcare at different stages of life.

2. Completed Advance Directives by most Napa County adults.

3. Regular review and discussion of completed Advance Directives with healthcare providers, families, and designated healthcare agents.

4. Consistent honoring of the end-of-life wishes of Napa County residents with completed Advance Directives.

By 2020, there will be a significant increase in the knowledge, behaviors and attitudes of Napa County residents regarding ACP as demonstrated by:

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